Leave competition behind with excellent customer service

If you have ever been overwhelmed in the wine section of a store and not have the slightest idea of what to buy, you certainly are not alone. I wanted to purchase a good bottle of wine for a business contact who had helped me on a project, and I was fortunate enough to find a store with exceptional service. – so much that I would be remiss not to recount my experience because this store just blew away every other liquor and wine store in the area. The name of the store is Total Wine  Spirits, Beer & More. There are over 60 stores nationwide.

Their wine team is trained and compassionate about wine, and  even before someone is hired, the employee already has a working knowledge of different wines. The team members undergo an initial training program consisting of 150 hours of instruction and while working continue their education with seminars, weekly wine tastings, and company sponsored incentive trips to wine growing regions. The staff is easy to spot; they all wear white shirts. The most experienced sales people are promoted to the prestigious Total Wine Professional and are capable of answering the most challenging questions about the store’s comprehensive wine inventory.

I knew my business contact enjoyed Cabernet Sauvignon, and with a choice of over 1100 selections where should a person begin? Problem solved when a sales representative took his time to explain to me about some of  Napa’s most consistent producers of great Cabernets. He explained wines to me ranging from $5.97 Fetzer Valley Oaks-Cabernet to a bottle of Opus One 2006 priced at $189.99. Somewhere in the middle I finally made my selection of Heitz-Cabernet Napa for $43.99.

My experience didn’t end there, either. The store offers wine education classes where consumers can learn about wine, wine producers and wine making techniques. Every week there is a wine tasting bar to sample wines from all over the world. I picked up store publications entitled “Guide to Wine,” “Wine Advisor” and a practical wine buying guide so the next time I need to purchase a bottle of wine, I will have a working knowledge of what I may want to buy, but no worries, since every person on the staff seemed just as cordial and knowledgeable as the representative helping me.

The store guarantees lowest and competitive prices. Besides wine, the store sells spirits and beer. I can’t even imagine shopping at any other store for wine again. Now that’s customer service that left all the competition behind.

photo credit: quinn.anya

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  1. Suzy Meriwether said:

    Feb 04, 10 at 10:47 am

    I fully agreee with you. I will happily pay more if the service is wonderful. RightNow recently did a survey asking consumers how cusotmer service impacts their decision to do business with a company. 86% they would never return if they had a bad experience and 60% will always pay more for a better experience, even in a down economy.

    Sure, companies can try to compete on low prices, but it’s not a very profitable strategy.

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    May 05, 10 at 8:20 pm

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