Make your company fun and see results.

I found that the people who work for customer service companies (especially in customer service) really like their jobs. It makes sense, right? Engineers that work for Google (which is an engineering-centric company) generally love their jobs as well. What’s not to like about being around a whole bunch of incredibly talented, like-minded people?

As you know, a customer service company is one that places a lot of focus and concentrates on customer service. Customer service is what makes customer service companies tick – it sets them apart from their competition and plays a big part in their success.

With that in mind, I’m going to say that it is better to work for a customer service company than one that doesn’t care about customer service. As such, I think it is more fun to work for in customer service at a customer service company. It isn’t any fun to work in a company that is trying to pinch pennies from your department, laying people off, etc. It is fun to work in a group that plays a huge in your company’s success.

I think that is a pretty obvious observation, though.

An important element of a company’s culture is fun. If you need qualified, talented workers, then they should have fun when they’re at work. If customer service representatives aren’t having fun, chances are they won’t be quite as cheery as you’d like them to do when providing customer service.

If you’re asking me how you can make your company more fun, then something isn’t right. You need to think about what your company’s employees enjoy and what they would react positively to. It can be as simple as a ping pong table in the basement or taking the company bowling once a month.

Google, Yahoo, etc. all work hard to make it so their employees have fun. Startups are usually pretty good at ensuring their employees like coming to work every day as well. Learn about what those companies are doing and what’s working for them.

The point, though, is to make your company fun to work at. If it’s fun, people will be happier. If they are happier, they will not provide better service, but look forward to going into the office every day. And who knows, they may even stay later and be more productive. That would be nice, right?

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