Marketing and Customer Service

Short post this evening. It is more of a post to get you to think.

I was having a conversation with a customer service executive at a fairly large company today. We were talking mostly about customer service and its challenges, but something that kept coming up was marketing.

Marketing interacts a lot with customer service (see this conference) and a lot of very smart people (i. e. Seth Godin) write about it, so I don’t talk about it that much. However, the more that marketing comes up in conversations about customer service, it shows that the two people understand they’re related. It shows that the two people don’t view customer service as a cost center.

Marketing and customer service are highly related. If you work in either department and don’t see the relation between the two departments, then you need to ask someone to explain it to you (or you could keep reading).

If customer service is done well, it can serve as marketing. Great customer service creates customer evangelists. They are people who will go around telling others about how great your company is. The evangelists that great customer service can create are the best type of customers.

Marketing also includes communicating publicly. This can really tie into customer service. Blogging, customer communication and engagement, etc. can and do tie into customer service.

If the goal of marketing is to attract and retain customers, customer service naturally ties into that. Both have to be done well for a truly successful company. How do you think that marketing and customer service align?

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