Crazy Drive-through Experience

angus deluxeI went to the drive-through at McDonald’s not that long ago and had what had to be one of the most absurd customer service experiences I’ve ever had.

The experience started off by me pulling up to the drive-through. The guy came on through the intercom and asked how he could help me. I asked if they had hot chocolate. Silence. 30 seconds later, he comes back on asking if he can help me. I ask if they have hot chocolate. Silence. Again. This happens one more time before I give up and just pull up to the first window.

I place my order at the first window (no apologies for zoning out or any potential technical difficulties) and the guy tells me my total. I hand him my credit card and he then instructs me to pull up to the first window and continues to look at his screen. He instructed me to pull up to the window I was already at while I was in the middle of paying him.

In one drive-through experience, I managed to find what seemed to be the black hole of McDonald’s and get told to pull up to the exact same window I was already at. As someone who typically focuses on helping companies go from 8’s to 10’s, the experience was somewhat shocking.

photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker

One Response to “Crazy Drive-through Experience”

  1. Angélica said:

    Aug 09, 09 at 7:04 am

    McD’s here suck in my city. When they having credit card problems, they don’t put any signs (and you stand in line untill you find that out).
    They sell the food and later tell you they dont have it anymore!

    I’m done with them.