Mute Your Microphone

Here is a simple customer service tip that will make you look (and especially sound) more professional: mute your microphone when sounds are being made that the customer shouldn’t / likely doesn’t want to hear. Some examples of situations where you’d want to mute your microphone include:

  • Talking to a co-worker / asking a question
  • Loud noises in the office (alarms, notifications, etc.)
  • Dead air (be sure to come back every now and then so the customer knows you haven’t hung up on them)
  • Similar situations where a noise is being made that the customer shouldn’t hear

Most headsets and phones have an easy to access mute button, but so few representatives use it. The mute button is a great way to avoid placing the customer on hold just to ask someone a question or look something up. If you don’t use the mute feature on your headset or phone already, try it out and see how it works for you.