Pay Now or Pay Later?

Mark and Pfennig no moreI was getting my car serviced today and was in a rush, so I asked to pay for my oil change before it was done so I could save time once it was finished. Apparently, it was company policy to prohibit customers from paying in advance. When I asked if I could pay in the advance, the guy helping me muttered something about putting a deposit down and how that isn’t allowed and the gist of the message was that I couldn’t pay in advance.

Within reason, policies should be put in place to help customers and make the customer experience smoother. I can’t think of a good reason why a customer should not be allowed to pay for a set price of work in advance. Simple systems can be put in place to make it work and deal with any potential complications that would result from some customers paying in advance.

If there is a legitimate reason that you cannot do something that seems simple, have an explanation of some sort ready. Customers will be a lot more understanding if it sounds like some thought went into the particular policy and if there appears to be a legitimate hardship involved for the company trying to go out of its way. And if something isn’t complicated, but can make a customer happy, consider it seriously. You have very little to lose and a lot to gain.

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