Personal shoppers now part of Lands’ End customer service

GeiloIn celebration of National Customer Service Week, Lands’ End Live will now enable users to communicate with personal shoppers via voice (headsets or built-in microphones) or text chat (type in questions using the computer keyboard) for a more personal shopping experience at the Dodgeville, Wisconsin based retailer best known for their cold weather gear.

The online video chat tool is on the customer service page, and by pressing the button Live Help, users first get a brief welcome video, and to continue on to how video chats work can then press the Find Out More option. The brief welcome video was narrated by Joan Conlin, vice-president of customer care. I then connected to my personal shopper Tina. There was no wait, and Tina told me that the calls had been steady all day. Personal shoppers are able to demonstrate product features, describe details, and help customers to navigate the web site. Keyboard shoppers can also supply their home phone numbers, and a personal shopper can call them direct. I don’t have a microphone to speak with anyone directly from my laptop, but I did note that I could only hear every other word Tina stated even though I had the volume turned up to the maximum level.

The video capability is described as a mini broadcasting studio called Vee desk which is built into a touchscreen PC. All the customer needs is a PC or laptop and broadband internet service. This new technology gives face to face online customer service. Tina is a real person; as an online shopper I immediately felt the personal touch much as if I had walked into a brick and mortar store. At the end of my Video Chat, a window appeared asking me to rate my customer service experience.

Land’s End boasts as being first in customer services dating back to the early 80’s and being the first retailer to offer toll-free phone ordering. It will be interesting to follow the success of real-time human assistance on the Web especially as the Christmas shopping season approaches. Will there be enough personal shoppers at Lands’ End  to accommodate the needs of online shoppers? Let’s see what happens.

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2 Responses to “Personal shoppers now part of Lands’ End customer service”

  1. Kathy Clark said:

    Oct 10, 10 at 9:26 pm

    What a great concept! It will be interesting to hear how this works! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dolores Petropulos said:

    Nov 19, 11 at 1:38 am

    I have been a loyal customer of landsend for many years, until now. I called earlier, as I wanted a sale squal jacket with a logo on it. I find out that because of a 6 dollar logo, they want me to pay much, much more, and the excuse being that it was their business website. It still reads Landsend, and obviously they don’t get it, it’s still the same old jacket. Not only that, but when I told them that it was a jacket I found on their regular website, instead of their business site, they could not find it. All I had to do was plug it into the search engine, and up it popped, instead she argued with me, and the lady even began raising her voice at me. Landends, you have slipped considerably. You sales person couldn’t even find the “up to 50% off ALL jackets” announcement on the top of their Website, let alone it’s the front page. She even tried to convince me that their regular price, was the sale price. I think it’s time to find a new web business to shop at. Obviously, they aren’t worried about loosing business, in this bad economy. Maybe it’s because Sears bought them out.