Praise publicly.

Customer service focused organizations that really care about their employees make praising employees publicly a big deal. Managers and fellow employees are trained to “catch” employees providing great customer service and then recognize that.

More often than not, employees respond very well to positive reinforcement and public praise. No one argues with a bonus, but getting public recognition in addition to a bonus can be just as valuable. It gives the particular employee a sense of accomplishment, sets a positive example for other employees, and shows to the entire company that great customer service is possible and is an achievable goal. Praising publicly is a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

There are a number of ways to recognize employees – some are simple, others are more complicated. Great team leaders used to managing exceptional customer service teams do it as a matter of habit. For other managers that aren’t used to that, it’s a habit that can be developed.

  • On the company intranet or on the bulletin board in the back, post the names of the five people with the highest customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Post letters (hopefully positive ones) on the company intranet or bulletin board. For positive letters, highlight the names of the employees involved.
  • It’s amazing how much of a difference a simple email at the end of the day or the week or the month can make. The email can include something as simple as: “Bob got 9 positive customer comments this week. Way to go, Bob!”
  • Alternatively, you can send out a more in-depth report that points out best practices, specifically recognizes employees who have done a good job, and set goals for the upcoming period. It can include charts, averages, comparisons, and everything.
  • During staff meetings, take a moment to recognize people who had a particularaly good day the previous day or earlier in the day. Point out what they did right and how the rest of the employees can obtain similar results.

It’s okay to start small. Start with the simple email that you send out once a week or the staff meeting mentions. Then, move up to a bigger report you send out once a month. As long as you’re recognizing and praising employees publicly, you’re on the right track.

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