Promised Delivery Dates Appreciated By Customers

I have a fairly big house, and that means a lot of furniture and accessories. I do love to shop, but I don’t like to spend a lot of money on home furnishings because I never want to feel obligated in my mind and my conscience that I have to hold onto a sofa for the rest of my life because it costs thousands of dollars. A furniture store near me, full of contemporary and very hip sofas and “objets d’arte” caught my eye as well as my wallet, and I ordered a couch and matching love seat for my family room. Since it was only late August, I had no doubt that at the planned family gathering for Christmas, we would all be sitting comfortably on the new furniture watching Christmas specials on television, or so that is what I thought.

The salesperson told me that delivery usually takes 8 to 10 weeks. That was perfect because I would have plenty of time to spare and still be able to shop for matching pillows and tchotchkes at the same store once the couch and love seat arrived. The promised time came and went; the sales representatives had no answers and the customer service personnel stock answer was that they had no control over their vendors. It’s interesting to note also that at the time of my purchase I was invited to register my email and given a password so that I would be able to check the status of my order. Unfortunately, my status never changed.

My couch and love seat didn’t arrive January, which was clearly 7 weeks over their estimated time. Even if I subtracted the 3 to 4 weeks delivery could take to arrive at my home from the warehouse, it was still a disappointing experience.

The store’s website states the company strives to maintain the quintessence of a family business with outstanding customer service. However, the company obviously fell short of that by failing to do a few things:

  • It is true that a furniture company has little control over their vendors, however customers need to be reassured that everything possible is being done. Even if they had told me, “We’re aware that your order is late, but we’re looking into it. Thanks for your patience.” that would have been welcome.
  • The company should be more diligent updating the status of delivery by using a centralized system enabling customers to check their orders. A status system is useless if it isn’t updated.
  • Also, I would have felt the company really cared if they went ahead and waived the delivery charges. When shipping companies miss their deadlines, they waive the fees. It would make sense for the furniture store to do the same.
  • I really would have been impressed if someone from the store would have called me and apologized. If that had happened, I think it would have made a big difference, and I probably would have returned to the store to finish my accessory shopping.

The reality was that none of the things listed above happened and I have yet to go back to the store.

photo credit: Tammy Manet