Quick Post: Build the feedback process right in.

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Skype has an interesting way of gathering feedback. After every call, a little survey pops up. They ask you to rate the quality of your call (they use a 1-5 star system) and then they show a list of things that could have gone wrong (echos, etc.) and ask you to check boxes of anything that was applicable.

The survey is super simple and has gotten even simpler over time (it used to redirect you to a web site – now it seems to be built into the program). It’s very self explanatory and since it pops up after every call, you have the opportunity to rate your experience frequently.

The survey is optional, but I bet that Skype has really high response rates. Again, the simplicity is probably what would lead to high response rates. I’ve already talked about what a big hit one question surveys are and this just serves as an extension of that. Keep your surveys simple, keep the questions relevant, watch the results pile in.

One Response to “Quick Post: Build the feedback process right in.”

  1. Paul Sweeney said:

    Apr 30, 08 at 5:45 am

    Nice example. How simple to do this with every online service? very.