Rapid Growth: Pros, Cons, and Focus

Believe it or not, rapid growth in companies actually has its advantages when it comes to customer service. Not suprisingly, it has a lot of disadvantages as well.


  • Influx of new sales and customers
  • Things are easy to change
  • Often increased publicity and exposure, which means new sources for potential partners, employees, etc.
  • More money for things like hiring, improvements, etc.


  • Influx of new sales and customers
  • Things are easy to change
  • Employees at all levels are often overwhelmed from too much work
  • Quality levels often suffer

Those are just some of the many. These happen to play the biggest role when it comes to customer service. What other ones can you think of?

A big problem with companies when they are in high growth periods is they often lose focus. Things simply get too busy and executives have a hard time concentrating on what needs to be done. Here are some tips for focusing during periods of rapid growth:

  • Step back. It is nessecary to step back and exaimine where you want your company to be and what you want to focus on. Write down where your priorties are and how you want to see them change over the next several months and longterm.
  • Bring on more people. During times of rapid growth, it will be nessecary to bring on more people and to delegate some day-to-day responsibilites. Consider hiring consultants, promoting from within, and hiring people especially for specailized jobs. Having people able to concentrate on each part of the business will ensure the company can achieve it goals.
  • Communicate the goals. An important part of focusing is communicating the goals and the focus to everyone. This one they can point it out if you are drifting or if there is something you could be doing better.
  • Stay focused. Be sure to stay with whatever your focus is. It is important to remind yourself every day “We want to become the best customer service company.” or whatever your focus happens to me. If you remember that when making decisions and when working, it will be much easier to remain focused throughout your company’s growth.

One Response to “Rapid Growth: Pros, Cons, and Focus”

  1. Steve Remington said:

    Nov 29, 06 at 12:10 pm

    I think the biggy is losing focus. When you grow rapidly new ideas and opprtunities present themselves and it is easy to get excited. In all the excitement it is easy to lose your grasp on reality and your mission and skew off into other projects. So keeping your identity and your primary goals in check is important.

    You have already mentioned these but keeping the channels of communication open and being able to convey your goals to everyone is more challenging. Sometimes just communicating effectively can solve a ton of problems as it is more than likely the root to many smaller issues that need to be improved upon.