Realtor follow-ups keep customers

FireplaceThe follow-up in real estate transactions can make or break one’s real estate career since so much of one’s business is based on referrals. The most important aspect of being a “stand out” real estate agent is for you to gain a customer’s trust.

And after the sale, asking for post sales feedback will help you to improve and make your customers feel special ensuring them that you are always working on your professional ethics. Ask them what they liked about you and what needs to be improved.

Staying in touch is important, but you want your communication to be viewed as helpful and not just another annoying phone call or piece of junk mail. Everyone appreciates a personal thank you note acknowledging their loyalty and business, follow-up phone calls, e-newsletters of timely and informative nature, and snail mail keeping your property owners updated on the latest news of the community. While you are at it, send tips about selling or buying, ideas about home improvements, gardening, mortgage rates, the economy, and other relevant news.

In the world of the real estate agent, it’s all about getting personal with your sellers and buyers. Don’t hesitate to send out anniversary cards celebrating the first year and thereafter of their home purchase and greeting cards at holiday times. One sales representative from my office organizes a picnic event every year and supplies hot dogs and hamburgers in a community park area. It shows people he cares about them.

Have lunch with your buyers and sellers, get to know their hobbies and when you show people that you really care about them, you can be quite sure they will keep coming back.

photo credit: ChrisBohn