Retaining customers require the right people for the right job

HouseThe real estate company I work with in South Florida has one of the most progressive software programs relevant to the ever-changing scope of real estate prices, inventory, and customer service. For instance, a home buyer can call me and tell me they are interested in purchasing a home sometime in the future, and in preparation for the purchase they have requested information about homes for sale in a particular community or homes that have recently sold. All of that is relatively simple – most Multiple Listing organizations for realtors can supply that, but new software and technology can keep potential home buyers informed the moment a new property comes onto the market, can keep track of homes sold, can track price percentage changes, and continue to send out “market trackers” until a new home sale is procured.

There is no trick to retaining customers, but maintaining a strong customer support and service program helps to build one’s brand and deliver better and faster service to customers – taking into account recognizing the value of a customer’s time. Long term success comes from meeting the expectations of your customers. Essentially in real estate sales one never wants to surprise or embarrass a customer, so staying on top of the market and the complicated issues of real estate management in these troubling economic times is paramount to maintaining customer loyalty.

Technology isn’t the answer however to retaining customers because nothing is more important than the right people doing a great job. Long term success depends on the quality of the team and their skills. So how does a company ensure the best people for the job? Human resource departments have to have their priorities when hiring. To have longevity and loyalty from employees, businesses and organizations need to offer competitive employee programs, merit based rewards, and recognition for jobs well done.

Successful organizations have to provide opportunities for success, and with that comes the need for education and resources for the staff to improve their skills. Companies with strong cultures create opportunities where the “right” people will be able to grow and evolve as the company grows and changes. As the staff becomes more efficient so do the tools that can be provided by an organization introducing new features and new products.

We strive to deliver on time, to meet our customers expectations, and to be honest and work hard for all of our customers and clients. We strive to serve our communities, and be the best we all can be.

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One Response to “Retaining customers require the right people for the right job”

  1. Richard Shapiro said:

    Oct 27, 11 at 8:10 am

    Cheryl thanks for another extremely thoughtful post. Companies need to think long term and not just view the customer experience as one transaction at a time. As you said, technology is great and is helpful in supporting good service, but there is no substitution for having staff that is knowledgeable and cares about people (customers). That’s how you end up with repeat sales and great referrals. Richard Shapiro, The Center For Client Retention @richardrshapiro