Sample Phone Survey (Part 2)

This is posted quite a bit later than usual, but I’ve been busy almost all day and haven’t gotten a chance to write a post.

So yesterday there was a sample phone survey posted. It’s an interesting way to gather customer feedback, and phone surveys are one of the best ways, since you can hear the customer’s tone of voice, how long they have to think about the answers, etc. Though it’s probably the most expensive way to survey customer satisfaction, it’s probably one of the most effective ways.

There are lots of blogs, books, companies, and entire industries that are dedicated to measuring customer satisfaction. It’s an enormous part of customer service and the customer service experience, but besides posting and commenting about a survey every now and then, Service Untitled won’t be focusing too much on exactly how to measure customer satisfaction. Service Untitled, however, is going to (continue to) tell you how to improve your customer satisfaction levels.

This survey uses a 5-point scale. There’s something to keep in mind about these scales though. Most research shows that customers who say they are “Satisfied”, or just “Agree” or are as likely to switch to a competitor as those who say “Neutral.” You have to strive for great, just not acceptable. When presenting results, you should present them like:

  • 25% of our customers are highly satisfied and are likely to be with us for quite a while if we keep doing what we’re doing (they rated strongly agree).
  • 50% may switch to a competitor (they rated agree or neutral).
  • 25% are probably as good as gone (they rated disagree, or strongly disagree).

Remember, satisfied or agree doesn’t cut it. Strive for great (strongly agree).

Short and simple.
Please save your customers from long and boring surveys. A phone survey should only take about 5 or 10 minutes and an online survey should always an option to “Save and come back.” or just “Submit answers.” (instead of customers just going to another page and losing everything – might as well get something). Online surveys also shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t use complicated language and try have different surveys for different things (you should have at least one “overall customer satisfaction survey,” but you should try to have one for say, sales, and another for billing.)

Read these posts.
Before surveying, you should read these two posts: this one about gathering feedback and this one about keeping your enemies closer. They’ll provide you with some additional information on who you should survey and different types of surveys you can issue.

Have some open-ended questions.
You’ll notice that almost every question of the sample phone survey has a “Why?” portion. It’s important to ask customers for some more information than just a rating. Ratings are great and easy to average, but the real value of the survey will be in the “Why?” answers.

Important Questions.
Questions 5 (How likely are you to refer us?), Question 4 (How likely are you to continue doing business with us?), and Question 1 (Your overall satisfaction) are probably the most important questions on the survey. These are the answers you should concentrate on as they represent the most information and will also be most valuable to the financial section of your “three-legged stool.”

Consider hiring a professional.

Consider hiring a professional to administer these surveys. Like I mentioned previously, there are many many companies that do things like administer surveys and work on measuring customer satisfaction all day. They’re experts at it, and if you wish to do customer satisfaction measuring on a large scale, may be worth considering.

On an unrelated note.
I’ve been informed that the Trackback system for Service Untitled isn’t working properly. I’m not quite sure what caused it to break or how to fix it, but rest assured, I’m going to try and fix it. If I can’t fix it, I’ll ask someone I know who probably can fix it. It should be fixed soon. If you do link to Service Untitled, please do let me know (email address is on the bottom of this page). I’ve found a lot of blogs that way and would like to keep finding some new ones.

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