Series: Customer Service in Rapid Growth

As someone who follows business as well as a consultant, I have noticed that growth presents a big challenge to customer service orientated organizations (Duh).

These companies, which are often relatively small (usually well under 200 or so employees) realize that they are growing quite fast, but can’t quite keep up with it. They are obviously doing something right, but dealing with day-to-day things when a company is growing and expanding rapidly is tough. When you are involved with the company directly, it seems almost impossible. Everything moves faster and it is hard to put things into perspective.

This week I am going to talk exclusively about customer service in rapid/high growth companies. It will touch a bit on regular business management as well, but the main focus is customer service in high growth companies. Next week I will return to normal posts about other things.

Some things that will be covered:

  • Recruiting, hiring, and training
  • Helping to focus during times of rapid growth and align the company properly
  • Advantages and disadvantages of rapid growth when it comes to customer service
  • Dealing with management and other staff to aid through rapid growth times
  • Procedures and processes that can be implemented to aid with growth
  • Technology that can be used to help deal with and even benefit from growth
  • and quite a bit more.

Keep in mind that I am not an enterprise level customer service, business, or software guy. Most of my experience is dealing with relatively small businesses that have under 200 employees. That is the group to which most of the advice, insight, information, etc. I provide is targeted to, especially in this series.

One Response to “Series: Customer Service in Rapid Growth”

  1. Meikah said:

    Nov 28, 06 at 3:12 am

    This sounds really interesting, Doug! Will be looking forward to your every post. Keep at it! 🙂