Service in Advertising

I was reading Forbes Life over the weekend and on the back cover was an ad for British Airways. What were they touting in their ad? Customer service! The ad’s text is below:

Headline: Dine pre-flight and sleep longer in-flight.
Copy: The best service anticipates your needs. To give you an extra hour of sleep in business class, we welcome you with gourmet meals before you fly. It’s part of The Sleeper Service (SM), allowing you to go straight to sleep in our more comfortable flat beds right after takeoff. Our goal is simple: to deliver the best service you could ask for, without you having to ask. Whether you’re enjoying pre-flight champagne, or more flights when you need them, we think you’ll find our business class like no other.

The emphasis is theirs, not mine. The ad talks about being pro-active in service. Sound familiar? Something I babble about on a fairly frequent basis? Yes!

Companies advertising customer service seems to be more and more common. This hopefully means that customer service at these companies is getting better and they are getting more reasons to advertise it. At least, that is what it should be – doesn’t mean it is true.

I did some research and found this ad from Rackspace:

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The ad is comical, but still advertises customer service as one of the company’s key advantages. Other types of ads that offer guarantees of sorts (there by 10 AM or your money back, etc.)

Finding ads that promote customer service is still tough. When I read magazines, I see an ad or two that promotes customer service, but relative to the number of ads in the magazine, there are not very many.

Is your customer service worth advertising?

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    Jan 17, 07 at 3:49 am

    […] Over at Service Untitled, its latest entry talks about advertising customer service. The example given was that of the ad by British Airways telling everyone that giving the best service involves anticipating what customers need or want. It’s true of course, and it’s nice to see companies consciously doing something to please their customers. Like everyone else, we hope they walk the talk. […]