Show your customers you appreciate them

If you want to keep your customers happy, you need to show them how much you appreciate them. While everyone loves the pat on the back and the flattering compliment, you can’t always do that, but there are certainly some innovative techniques available, all of which can help build revenue, keep clients, and attract new ones.

Every month managers, customer service representatives, and the sales team can meet at lunch to brainstorm new ideas to show customers your sincere appreciation. Planning needs be done well in advance so a financial budget can be established and all plans structured and developed.

Every month using specific holidays/seasons a new campaign could be introduced. Here are some examples we have used successfully in our real estate office. We are located on a well-traveled part of town with a lot of pedestrian traffic, and during the hottest months of the year we offer cold lemonade. During the winter months, we offer hot apple cider. That brings a lot of traffic into our office, and even if one person is only there to quench his thirst, his companion might be interested in purchasing a home in the near future. At Halloween, we host an afternoon party for children and give away treat bags. We also host informative and educational seminars on short-sales, mortgages, refinancing, and insurance changes. While we are always aiming to show our current customers our appreciation, we are also encouraging new prospects.

People don’t care how much you spend; they are just impressed that you care. Even inexpensive promotional items like calendars, drink holders, caps, and key chains are appreciated by current customers and a way to invite future clients to check you out.

In order to find out if the campaigns work however, there has to be a method of evaluation. Customer service representatives can report back on what people say. The sales staff can check how many people have participated and how many prospects have now become customers. The staff can monitor client retention and see if the percentage of clients has stayed constant or increased. Chances are that happy customers remain as clients, bring in referrals, have some fun and ultimately increase revenues.

photo credit: Patricia Oliveira