Stained Glass Service

My son and his fiancé elected to get married in a large antique church in mid-town Atlanta. Their choice of church was driven in part by the magnificent stained glass windows in the sanctuary. Just at the “I do” part of their late afternoon ceremony, the setting sun suddenly showered through one giant stained glass window sending a mosaic of bright colors over the wedding party. It took our breath away!

Stained glass windows decorate many churches, cathedrals, and significant buildings around the world. The art form goes back a thousand years when craftsman using metallic salts added to the glass during its manufacturing to create a special colors. The glass provided a palette that enabled an artist to turn panes into pictures. It is a powerful metaphor for remarkable service. What if customer service was like a stained glass window?

Arched, Not Square
Most stained glass windows are shaped different than other windows. Instead of following the traditional square or rectangle lines, they are often arched or round. Great service does not follow a tradition approach. It is distinctive and bold. It is:

  • Remarkable
  • Colorful, Not Plain
  • Handmade, Not Cookie Cutter
  • Story Maker, Not Perfunctory

Remarkable customer service evokes a remark—commentary on an experience. When that level of commentary reached anecdotal level, the customer is imbedding a poignant memory in the mind of the listener. As customers, we forget others accolades and recommendations, but we remember their stories.

Stain glass windows tell a story. Those in churches and cathedral often have a history behind them and depict a scene worthy of its own story.

It would mean service that is arched, not a plain square or rectangle. It would be distinctive and very colorful. It would be handmade and special, not cookie cutter like an ordinary window. And, it would create a story-to-tell in the memory of the recipient. How are you bringing a stained glass experience to your customers?

Writer Bio: Chip R. Bell is the author (with John R. Patterson) of Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers. He can be reached through

photo credit: lvm15

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  1. Laura Goff Parham said:

    Aug 19, 09 at 8:03 pm

    Great Story. Yes, stained glass and customer service can both be difficult. But when it is done well, the results are breath taking. Love it!

    Laura Goff Parham
    State of the Art, Inc. Stained Glass Studio
    Knoxville, TN SOTAGLASS.COM