T-Mobile Charging for Bills

tmobileThere was a recent story about how T-Mobile will start charging its customers to receive paper bills. Basically, a bill summary will cost $1.50 per month and a “detailed” bill will cost $3.5 per month (in addition to whatever the phone and plan costs per month).

Needless to say, this isn’t a positive business practice. T-Mobile claims the fees are being implemented to help the environment by encouraging people to switch to online bills, but to most consumers who still want a paper bill, it’s still going to look a lot like an added fee that’s a profit center for a phone company.

Other companies’ approaches are much better. Sprint offers to pay its customers (in the way of a credit) to switch to paperless and Verizon offers its customers a chance to win a car. Even though Verizon and AT&T both charge for “detailed” bills sent via the mail, they at least provide basic bills for free and encourage people to switch to paperless via incentives instead of punishments.

The friendlier approach that encourages customers to do something (instead of discouraging them not to do something) is a lot more effective in keeping customers happy. Another approach that T-Mobile could take would be charging its customers for bills and then donating all of the revenue from that fee to a non-profit that plants trees or helps the environment. That’s better than pocketing the money as easy profit.

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