In the spirit of Fridays, let’s talk about something relatively fun. What can you do with your company to increase company spirit, build teamwork, give employees an opportunity to meet each other and make friends, etc.?

Company “events.” Depending on the company, events differ.

Yahoo has Tom Cruise (or someone like that) visit and talk. Small companies go bowling. Regardless of your company size, you’ll be able to find something that will accomplish the task of letting everyone have a good time and make some friends.

Teamwork building and competitive events
Some companies like to do teamwork building events that spark a bit of competition and encourage employees to work together. Some examples of this:

  • Sports event (where employees play)
  • Field day (different events that encourage employees)
  • Bowling (a popular one)
  • Volunteering (not a competitive one, but teamwork building)

Fun events
Other companies prefer to do events that are just fun and don’t really have a competitive edge to them. They allow employees to socialize, wind down, have a good time, etc.

  • Keg parties (a client of mine does this fairly often – keep in mind that they are a primarily tech-orientated company, though, and that 90% of their employees are men under 30)
  • Non-competitive field day (dunk tank for senior employees, etc.)
  • Water or other theme parks
  • Sports events (where employees watch, don’t play)
  • Barbeque or other eating “event”
  • Concert
  • Dance or similar social event

Keep in mind
Keep in mind that a lot of these activities can full into multiple categories. Some groups can make zen-like flower picking (random activity) an ultra competitive activity. What you do depends on your company culture and what your team wants to do. You are allowed to ask your team what they want to do, so feel free to do it.

There are literally thousands of things you can do with your team to build teamwork, have fun, etc. Do some brainstorming, research, and asking and you can certainly come up with some ideas.

Also keep in mind: If you intend to make this a big event, you should probably hire someone to plan and organize it. This way, you can also relax and have a good time (as well as participate in the events – management participation is extremely important) and not worry about if the food will be there, etc.

One Response to “TGIF”

  1. Tom Vander Well said:

    Aug 28, 06 at 12:52 pm

    What a timely post, Doug. Our family went to my wife’s company “event”. They had a cookout with clowns and stuff for the kiddies. The employer had contacted a local fireworks company who wanted to beta-test some new fireworks stuff. So we enjoyed the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen and the company did it for a fraction of what it would have cost. It was a great time.