The 2010 Fanati Award

This year is my second year (see this post about my first year judging) judging The Fanati Award, an award that Rackspace Hosting gives out to recognize their customers who value customer service as much as Rackspace does. Like last year, I want to do a brief writeup on the companies and the process.

Instead of written applications, this year’s submissions came in as short videos. Videos let you see (literally and figuratively) what companies do and how they work. They’re also interesting because they are more reflective of the type of culture the company has. Everyone fills out an application in pretty much the same way, but the type of videos that I saw varied greatly. Some were more “traditional” and featured people talking about customer service while some of the others were more upbeat and engaging.

The winner this year was a company called Pet Relocation. The company is interesting and a great candidate for an award like this because part of what they do on a daily basis is dealing with out of the ordinary situations that require going above and beyond to complete the service (moving a pet safely from point A to point B). Their slogan is “Any Pet, Anywhere, Any Time,” which implies that they are a company that wants to go above and beyond for its customers. From reading about the company, it’s easy to tell that they have a strong commitment to their customers and to providing the highest quality service.

Like most companies that excel at customer service, Pet Relocation knows what it has to do in order to impress its customers. Personalized service provided by people who are empowered to go above and beyond (and a strong desire to provide that type of service) is what has led to Pet Relocation’s success. Congratulations to them on winning The Fanati this year and thanks again to Rackspace for giving me the opportunity to judge the contest again.

You can see Pet Relocation’s video, and more information about the 2010 Fanati Award here.

2 Responses to “The 2010 Fanati Award”

  1. Tim Sanchez said:

    Mar 03, 10 at 5:40 pm

    Yikes, we (ABIS Consulting Group) are a Rackspace customer and I didn’t even know about this award! Very cool that you’re on the panel.

    I’ll be sure we submit an application for next year’s contest.

  2. said:

    Mar 04, 10 at 2:55 pm

    Thanks for judging the contest and the kind words! We appreciate it.