The Birthday Offering

Bbigbirthdaycake-1My mother and I essentially share a birthday (we’re three days apart), so when we go out for a birthday dinner as a family, we usually combine the two birthdays into one nice dinner. This year, we decided to celebrate our birthdays at a nice restaurant with great food and great customer service that we’ve been to plenty of times before and have always had good experiences.
As we sat down, I told the host (who I am pretty sure is one of the managers) that we were celebrating two birthdays and he asked if we wanted the staff to sing. My mother and I simaltensouly said that wasn’t necessary.

We had our nice dinner and by the end of the meal, we began to wonder if they had forgotten about our birthdays. No one mentioned it after we were seated or even after we had asked for the check, so we assumed the low key that we had we requested meant non-existent. However, the restaurant came through at the end and delivered two very nice piece of cakes with a couple of candles of them. There was no singing, but a couple of staff members did come over and wish us a happy birthday. They were also nice enough to give us the two pieces of cake for free and wish us a happy birthday on the way out as well.

Overall, the restaurant handled the birthday well. I’m not sure if waiting until the very end is the best way to do something like celebrating a birthday, but they did do it before the end, which is what ended up counting. Good restaurants (like this one) and exceptional companies take the time to make a special occasion not only enjoyable and fun, but memorable.

When you fortunate enough to have a customer decide to celebrate a special occasion at your restaurant, hotel, or business, take the time to make it special. Anything would certainly be unacceptable. We chose the particular restaurant we went to because we knew we would have a good experience and the restaurant came through exactly as expected.