The Cool American Express Booklet

I do not have a credit card. I have two debit cards, but no credit cards. I’ve never really needed one since both my debit cards seem to work wherever they take credit cards. However, my parents are longtime American Express cardholders. On Friday, I noticed that they had a very cool little booklet that American Express sent them on their counter.

This booklet didn’t seem to have much of an ulterior motive. It served to educate and inform. It was filled with useful FAQs. There weren’t long paragraphs and boring pages, but instead page after page of well presented FAQs. They were in plain English, highly relevant, and useful.

What makes American Express’ booklet better than others?

Well designed.
The booklet is very well designed. It isn’t too large, but isn’t too small. More importantly, it is very easy to read and the information is presented in a very attractive way. There are lots of high quality pictures. It is printed on high quality paper, etc.

Simple copy.
The actual text in the FAQs is simple and in plain English. None of the FAQs are that long. They answer the question directly and provide useful information. The answers aren’t loaded with industry or company-specific jargon, either.

All types of questions.
The book features all types of questions ranging from questions about general credit card use to what exactly American Express will cover if you lose your card. Most of the questions talk about how American Express can help you. That is useful for both the reader and for American Express, which wants to sell you services and get you to use their card.

This is one of those situations (like many) where simplicity rules. Simple book, simple questions, simple answers, well designed. Very useful. All and all, a great combination.

Consider sending a useful little FAQ booklet to your customers. It is a lot more effective than a few pieces of a paper, an email, or just letting your customers guess the answers. If you present relatively boring information in an interesting way, it’ll get your customers’ attention.

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