The Key to Success in Retail

A friend of mine recently got a job working in retail. She is a member of the sales team for a mid-range department store and has very little retail experience. So who did she come to asking for help? Me – the person with no retail experience. Did I give some advice? You bet!

My advice to her was to focus on building relationships with customers. If you build a relationship with a customer and that customer becomes a regular, you’re going to do well. I think is the first step to success in retail.

Here is why I think it is worth focusing on building relationships with customers:

Repeat business.
Perhaps one of the best things about building a relationship with customers is that they will come back. If you work selling shoes and build a relationship with a particular customer, they will come to you first when they need shoes.

More referrals.
If you do a great job and the customer likes you, they will tell others about you. Soon, that one customer’s friends will be coming to you to buy shoes. And it goes from there.

More fun.
It probably varies from person to person, but I enjoy working with regulars a lot more than new customers. The work isn’t necessarily easier, but it is more enjoyable. You have a better relationship with the customer and it is easier to provide great service and ensure a great experience.

Helpful boost.
A lot of retail is very seasonal. It is the regular customers that help keep the ship afloat during the slow times.

So, try to build a relationship with your customers. Turn them into regulars by treating them well and it’ll pay off in a lot of ways. Just one of the four reasons should be plenty, but all four is that much better.