The Mass-Email Checklist

I got an email today from a company and the sender forgot to BCC the recipients. Something like forgetting to BCC a group on a mass email is pretty embarrassing because it is so simple to avoid. Plus, people get pretty upset when their email is sent to hundreds of people (or more) and left open to all types of spam and annoyances just because of a careless mistake.

Here is a checklist you should always consider before sending out a mass-email:

  • Always triple read the email and then have someone else read it.
  • Be sure to check things like subject lines, attachments, to, from, CC, BCC, etc. before sending such emails. Are all of the fields formatted like they should be?
  • Make sure that all links in the mass-email work correctly and will be formatted correctly in different mail programs. Some mail programs might move them to another line or display them in a different way. Be aware of that.
  • If you are linking to images for the email, make sure they will work and that there is enough bandwidth for the images to display.
  • Make sure you have your subscribe and unsubscribe links.
  • Check your spelling and grammar once again.
  • Ask yourself if this email is worth sending. Does it let the customer know about something important? Do you already send a lot of email? etc.

None of the things above are complicated, but they are all important. Your customers probably get enough email already (I know I do!), which makes wasting their time with a poorly formatted or non-working email even worse. Taking 10 or 15 minutes to ensure the emails you send out are well done and informative will save you a lot of time and likely make you a lot of money in the long run.