The Pinkberry Chairs

364015263_6a10c78072 Pinkberry is an upscale chain that provides frozen desserts. I’ve never been to one of the stores, but the company has gotten a lot of publicity since they were founded in 2005.

I was recently reading an article about how the company spends $500 on the chairs that it uses it in its stores. That sounds like a lot, right? They aren’t selling expensive five course dinners – they are selling $5 frozen yogurts and such.

The company spends the money on the experience, though. A lot of their customers know the chairs cost a lot of money. That’s fine – they are aware of and care about style. It makes a difference about how they feel about the customer experience. The customer experience is about making the customer feel good. There may be $100 chairs that are three or four times more comfortable, but they may not work as well for the Pinkberry’s demographic.

With places like Pinkberry and Starbucks, it is as much about being there as the actual product. People don’t go to either location for just the coffee or just the frozen dessert. They go there for an experience and the hip design of Pinkberry or the cool and casual design of Starbucks helps to provide that.

Plus, the $500 chairs and the trendy design creates buzz. Positive word of mouth, media coverage, etc. are all great for business. Especially new businesses with relatively wealthy customers in urban areas.

What is the equivalent of the $500 chairs in your business? What element of your customer experience can be made really great (far beyond just functional) in order to make the customer experience extra special?

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