The “WOW” of customer service

Football & PuppiesThere’s nothing more stimulating to get me to pull out my credit card and make a purchase than a particular customer service person who just has that “WOW’ affect. It’s written about in customer service handbooks; we recognize organizations who deliver these types of experiences, and we list the essentials of a great customer service person. Of course, none of us are born with these qualities, yet I do see a certain flair that only a very few seem to possess.

So what is it about a person that brings a particular “WOW” sensation when you’re shopping or being served? Of course it starts with their knowledge of their product and the initial impression they impart upon us at that very first encounter. Yes, the initial impression is that of a person who is positive and believes in himself. He is engaging, motivated, pleasant, and practiced in his profession.

His image speaks of success. He is dressed well, his posture is erect, and his body language projects that quiet confidence we immediately notice because he’s genuinely interested in us as consumers. When he speaks to us he doesn’t use, “er, um, or “uh” and he neither shouts nor mumbles. He makes direct eye contact with us, and doesn’t run his fingers through his hair, bite his nails, or fidget with his watch.

That “WOW” agent is prepared. He knows about the product he is explaining, and he is acutely aware of the competition and why I might find this particular organization more desirable. His thoughts are organized; he has been well-trained, but more than that he has practiced with his teachers and rehearsed with his peers.

So what was I shopping for, and where was I shopping for such a “WOW” experience? I was in Sears, and I was looking for a flat-screen television. I went in with just a brief background from my Google search, and I wanted to see the actual product and compare the sound and picture before continuing my search. The service I received could not have been better anywhere. And so it speaks volumes for Sears since that is where I will be purchasing my new television.

photo credit: Atom Ess

3 Responses to “The “WOW” of customer service”

  1. Josh Chandler said:

    Nov 13, 10 at 3:53 pm


    WOW! What a great post! 🙂

    I think many of us forget that we only have moments to make the perfect impression on the customer.

    Any fault in the presentation or delivery of that “WOW!” moment can shape the likelihood of completing the sale.

    Yet, many companies just don’t acknowledge this. Instead, they treat their customers as ATM’s and try and upsell like crazy.

    It never works. Build the rapport and relationship before going for the sale!

  2. Cheryl said:

    Nov 15, 10 at 11:18 am

    I agree Josh. Thanks for reading.

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