United Airlines Customer Service

This is another post written while I am on a plane. This time it is on a United Airlines (actually, TED), not a Frontier Airlines flight. The experience has been slightly different, but once again, not too bad overall.

It is kind of comparing different types of apples (not apples and oranges) because I am leaving this time from a much bigger airport during a busier travel time. However, not every passenger that flies United (or any other airline) gets to fly at a perfect time in a nice little airport, so I think the comparison is still fair. Both my United and Frontier flights were completely full, so they have that in common at least.

The airport experience for United was a lot worse. The line to check in was five or ten times as long. I opted to use the curb side check in and for 2 bucks, it was well worth it. The curb side check in was not something I would consider bad or great – it was between acceptable and bad. Not as good as the Hertz experience, but I got what I needed. Security was longer, but still only took about 20 minutes or so.

The flight was about 20 minutes late, but the airport staff did a good job at providing lots of updates and keeping everyone in the loop. They were available if you had questions and provided updates every couple of minutes. It was easy to understand what they were saying (good PA systems are important!) and the updates were accurate (aka the story did not change).

Onboard, nothing notable happened in terms of customer service. The crew was friendly enough. I must have heard one of the flight attendants say “Welcome aboard.” about 200 times while people were boarding. She was nice and answered any questions that people had. The rest of the crew seemed friendly and helpful enough as well. They didn’t interact very much with the passengers except when someone had a specfic question or during the food times. That seems to be the norm when flying, though.

I would definitely say that it was more enjoyable to fly on Frotiner. The personal TV screens really made a difference and it was useful to be able to see the flight status throughout the whole flight. United didn’t have that.

United did, however, do better than I expected. They were by no means exceptional. When it comes to airlines, though, I would much rather have okay than terrible. There are people who frequently have horror stories to share about flying and traveling in general and I am sure everyone would be happy with just an “okay” experience.

How have your recent airline experiences been? Good, bad, great, ugly, something else?


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  1. Jengates Blog said:

    Jun 27, 07 at 5:53 pm

    Good customer service on a plane…

    Yesterday, I got on a plane in San Antonio at 1:30 pm. The plane was supposed to leave around 2pm and be in Dallas at about 3. Due to weather, we ended up not getting to Dallas until 10:30 pm. The weather in Dallas screwed up EVERYTHING and I ended up …

  2. Service Untitled » Terrific Customer Service from United - customer service and customer service experience blog said:

    Sep 04, 07 at 4:02 pm

    […] I have flown and written about United Airlines before. The experience was so-so. I didn’t really enjoy it and it didn’t really stand out as bad, either. However, courtesy of Maria from CustomersAreAlways, I was made aware of a particular United Airlines pilot that goes way above and beyond the call of duty. He was written about in a great Wall Street Journal article. […]

  3. Robert Lollis said:

    Sep 07, 07 at 6:00 pm

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