Verizon and T-Mobile: The Showdown

Since today is officially a holiday, the post will be a bit shorter than usual.

I’ve been shopping for a new cellphone. I want to get one of those fancy PDA/smart phone things. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices:  Samsung SCH-i730 (Verizon) and the T-Mobile Dash.

Shopping for a smart phone is really confusing. I have read countless reviews on both of them.  There are lots of different options and some reviews say X phone is the best thing to hit the market, while another review will say X phone should never be used. I still have no idea which phone I want.

Here are my customer service (pre-sales) experiences so far with the two companies:

I am already a T-Mobile customer and they are not bad at all. I called their pre-sales department yesterday and aside from the phone menus, the customer service experience was top notch. The lady I spoke to was very friendly, knew the answers to my questions, and was quite helpful. I’m going to dedicate a post to the experience later this week and include more details.

Though Verizon’s phone menu was far easier to navigate, the customer service experience was not as good. The sales lady I spoke to at first didn’t really know the answer to my questions (and gave me some weird answers when she did), wasn’t overly friendly, and seemed very fake. I had a feeling she was trying to force a reasonably friendly tone of voice and she probably didn’t like her job. To get the actual answer to a question I had, I was transferred to technical support. The lady in technical support was much nicer, far more personable, and actually knew the answers to my questions. I also used the live chat feature on Verizon’s web site. The guy in the chat was acceptable – not bad, not great. He knew the answers to my questions and was friendly enough.

What are your experiences with these companies? The phones I listed?