Verizon Customer Service isn’t so good.

A little over a week ago, I talked about my great experiences with Verizon. Well, I take it back. I’ve spent the last hour and a half on the phone with Verizon and it’s been the worst customer service experience I’ve been a part of in months. More about it this Monday.

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11 Responses to “Verizon Customer Service isn’t so good.”

  1. Trevor Fitzgerald said:

    Apr 13, 07 at 9:57 pm

    I remember reading that post when you wrote it and thought to myself, “Is he serious? I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Verizon’s customer service!”

    I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say. 😉

  2. Service Untitled said:

    Apr 13, 07 at 10:20 pm


    Apparently I was crazy. My positive experience definitely seems to be atypical.

  3. Service Untitled » Verizon Recap - customer service and customer service experience blog said:

    Apr 20, 07 at 10:33 am

    […] I briefly talked about my terrible experience with Verizon the other day. The experience was definitely terrible. Even though, the issue has been “resolved”, I am still left with a fairly bad taste in my mouth about Verizon. […]

  4. Teresa said:

    Aug 14, 07 at 9:48 am

    Verizon had by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. We recently moved and needed to cancel our phone and FIOS service. When you call Verizon, you enter VRU heck. An endless chain of automated systems with little hope of ever speaking to a live person. When you do, it is very likely that they can handle only one part of your issue. There is no one place to go for all the service you are receiving from them. Unlike Comcast who has one and only one customer service number Verizon has many different numbers. There is no single point of contact and you need to guess which number to call. Frustrating!

    We canceled our service finally and did receive a final bill, which we paid. A few weeks later we received another final bill with an additional $33.28 due. When I called, I again entered VRU heck and when I finally did get to a person she could not help me. Turns out she was with collections – nice that they send someone with a question to their connection queue. Made me feel so special. She saw that I had a balance but had no idea why or what do to about it. I was told to call back when the billing office was opened. I could not stand another round of VRU heck. Told her so and she hung up on me. Nice.

    I will NEVER use Verizon again and I am telling as many people as I can to never use Verizon for anything.

  5. A.Waters said:

    Aug 19, 07 at 3:41 am

    I, no joke, spent a year trying to get verizon to fix my problem. I was yelled at, told i was lying (more times than I care to count) hung up on, and once point blank told that they could contact another department to fix my issue but weren’t going to. It finally took submitting the information to the attorney generals office to get them to fix the problem that they started. All this was to get them to post the money that we paid to them on the correct account.

    Save your time frustration and money DON’T EVER USE VERIZON!!

  6. Rob Pataky said:

    Nov 15, 07 at 9:24 pm

    I have put countless hours in trying to resolve my Verizon FIOS TV problems. My problem currently is that I cannot call technical support for service because they have it in their system somewhere that my service is disconnected. My Verizon Fios TV, Internet, phone all work fine (mostly). My bill comes every month and I pay on time. I would like to upgrade my DVR but haven’t been able to get it to happen in months. I do want to talk to them about the dvr getting automatically reset periodically… sometimes daily… where it then stops all the recordings. I did reach tech support a while back and they said I had a “ghost dvr”. It does strange things. Tech support said they need to send a code down. They got strange code and could not send the fix down to the box. So, they must put in an order for Video to fix it in 24 hours. Within 24 hours video calls and says my account is “suspended” for non-payment and I need to talk to collections. I talk to Collections the next day and they say nothing is wrong with my account and transfer directly to Tech Support. Tech Support says obviously nothing is wrong with your account because you were transfered from Collections. Tech Support says they can’t fix it. They need to put in an order for Video to fix it with 24 hours and it goes in this loop all over again. Video cannot do anythng they say because the account is suspended but none of the other parts of Verizon see any problems. So, we talked to the Problem Solution Center (his name was Sindey). So two days later they call and say they cannot do anything because the account is suspended again. This goes on and on and on. It’s no one’s problem. You just get passed on and on and on. I saw a verizon guy out in our neighborhood and tried to fix it that way. I got the phone number for his boss. He wasn’t going to put in an “order” but a different way that would get someone out to fix it. He never showed up the next day. I called him again. He appologized… he isn’t going to do anything for me, either.

  7. RJ said:

    May 07, 09 at 12:38 pm

    It has gotten so bad with Verizon – that when you asked for someone of a higher level who can perhaps help you troubleshoot your problem – they refuse. After an 20 minutes in voice promts and then 1 hours finally with a technical person (35 minutes of which I as on hold) said “oh well” not much I can do. I asked if she could send me to someone with more experience or a manager and she said – “I will not”. She then refused to answer anymore question – remained silent and would only repeat the line – “anything else I can help you with”. It was like a Saturday Night Live skit.

  8. Megan Height said:

    Jun 17, 09 at 1:45 pm

    Verizon is the single worst company ever

    On 6/5/09, I was ready to order HSI in my new apartment in Brooklyn. I had the choice of Verizon or Time Warner and after a 4 hour chat with Verizon, I decided to give them a try- after all they have a 30 day customer satisfaction policy. It was the worst decision I ever made. I had to order a new installation package along with the HSI since my apt does not have a jack. After ordering this, I was told a customer service rep would contact me to set up an installation time. After an entire week, no one ever called, so on 6/12 I called back the number provided to inquire about the appointment. The number provided was incorrect, and I had to be transferred 5 times to get to the correct department. During those calls, I was hung up on 3 times. At one point I was transferred to a customer agent who never acknowledge my presence on the line as she was too busy speaking with a fellow employee about a blind date the went on the previous night. She went into all kinds of sexually explicit and vulgar descriptions of her activities on the date. I was horrified and kept saying, “hello, hello?” I didn’t want to hang up since I had already been holding for 40 minutes. Finally, she rudely spoke to me and asked me what I wanted and said she wasn’t ready to talk to me, but that they had just transferred the call to her before she wanted to take it. I explained that unfortunately when she has a customer on the phone she needs to take the call and speak professionally and let her know that I had just endured the single most unprofessional customer service call in my entire life. She told me she really didn’t care and hung up on me. Finally, after waiting on hold through another couple of transfers, I spoke with an agent who booked me for an installation time of 5-7pm on Monday, 6/15. I received my confirmation number for the appointment and hung up feeling better. But the next day I received an automated call from Verizon stating that I had an appointment of 8am-5pm that Monday. Since this information was incorrect and not what I had been told, I instantly called Verizon back to confirm my 5-7pm appointment. The agent let me know that the automated system was incorrect and that my appointment was indeed between 5 and 7 pm the following Monday. He said he had escalated the issue and not to worry and even offered my another confirmation number. In the mean time, my modem and router had been shipped to the wrong address, so I had to call back to have them shipped to the correct address. The day of my appointment, I received an automated email once again stating that my appointment for installation was reserved for 8-5pm, so I called Verizon back again just to confirm that the system was still wrong and my appointment really was the promised 5-7pm. Once again, an agent confirmed this time for me and told me not to worry. However, at 3pm on Monday, 6/15 a technician called me from outside my apartment wanting to know where I was. I explained to him that he was early as my appointment was not until 5-7pm and as a result I was still at work. He started laughing and said he wanted to let me in on a little game that Verizon plays. He proceeded to badmouth his own company and told me that not one technician works past 5pm so a 5-7pm appointment is impossible. He said he would love to have later hours, but Verizon won’t pay him overtime so he suggested I book a time during the day because they will just keep lying to me if I try to get a later appointment. I explained to him that I worked full time and that I Verizon had assigned the appointment- not me- and that Verizon had triple confirmed it already. He kept laughing and hung up. I immediately called Verizon back again and told the agent about the things the technician had alleged against Verizon. The agent apologized and said he would escalate the issue and once again confirmed that my appointment was from 5-7pm that day. He said not to worry, that if that tech wouldn’t be there, they would dispatch another technician for the correct time period. I told the agent that I would have to take off work to get home for the appointment so if a tech wasn’t going to be there, to just let me know and we could reschedule. He said not to worry, my appointment is confirmed. (I also got another confirmation #). So, I left work around 4:30 and got to my apartment in time for the appointment. Just as I was opening my door, I received another automated call from Verizon telling me I needed to call and make an appointment for installation because I did not have an appointment in the system. I immediately called back the number included in the message and told the agent that not only did I have an appointment, but it had been confirmed numerous times. She also started laughing and proceeded to make all of the same accusations against Verizon that the technician had made. She badmouthed her company and other departments in the company and said the tech was the only person who had been truthful with me. At this point, I asked to cancel my service. She said she would transfer me to the cancellation department. When I reached the next agent, he asked me why I was not satisfied with Verizon and I told him everything that had transpired and once again requested to cancel my service. He said he would have to transfer me to that department (apparently the previous agent had transferred me incorrectly and another half hour of my life was wasted). I was transferred to the cancellation department finally, and reexplained the situation to that agent. He told me that Verizon is like the NFL and even though its one company, its made up of a lot of different disjointed teams who don’t like each other or communicate with each other. I explained to him that regardless when you work in business, employees should at a minimum remain professional on all customer service calls (not curse, talk about sexual exploitations, or lie) and they should always respect the company they have chosen to work for while on a call with a customer. However, after this experience, I do not blame those employees for hating Verizon. I now do as well. I also told him that this was my first experience with Verizon and now my last. I will never partner with Verizon again for any kind of product or service and I am horrified by this experience. Here are the facts about my experience-
    In two weeks, I was lied to by HSI customer service agents 7 times. 2 employees badmouthed their company while on a professional call with me. 1 employee was profane and sexually explicit and discussed private personal affairs on a call. I spent a total of 4 hours with customer service chat and 5 hours with customer service over the phone – both of which led to no service or assistance of any kind. I had to be transferred to 8 different departments. And, at the end of the 2 week period, I had still never received any installation equipment or correct appointment. After canceling, I promptly ordered time warner cable.

  9. linda said:

    Oct 01, 09 at 11:28 pm

    Verizon is awful in customer service.
    I have never,ever had such an experience as I have had the past month w/ verizon DSL. Less than a month from ordering the service to finally getting the service (a week later than promised) to one lie after another, to extremely poor customer service and tech support. Most of the time it did not work and they shut off the service because of technical difficulty and stated I had to wait 4 days to have service started again. CRAZY! Well, today I ordered Comcast! Good Bye Verizon…………..helllllllllooooooooo Comcast!

  10. linda said:

    Oct 01, 09 at 11:32 pm


    That is what they did to us. They have it in the system that it was disconnected so we could not get tech support. We never disconnected the service. We had not had service for a full month and did not even receive our first bill!!!! They are one messed up company. URRRGGGHHHH! My daughter is a college student at Temple and she can’t do her work because of Verizon.
    She called up sooooooo frustrated. We have spent over 20 hours on hold or venting to some idiot on the other end that can’t help us anyway!!!!

  11. dahlita said:

    Jul 14, 10 at 8:28 am

    I hope I never have to deal with Verizon again.

    The company always finds a way to bill for extra stuff. We had services for 2 phones and for a mi-fi. The experience was horrible for both. First we tried to close the phones account and bills kept coming even after calling the company various times to make the last payment, there was always a reason to keep billing; same and worst with the Mi-Fi mobile internet account; even after closing the account kept receiving bills, called, they assured me pay this much and you are done, another bill came, called again, same thing, I just paid for the 3rd time supposedly a last bill of ????SurCharges???, hope they do not keep making up bills to be paid.
    I am like a clock to pay all my bills in full and on time, but this company has been by far the worst at letting the customer know what to expect and at billing you for unknown additional made up thousand reasons