Wear Name Tags

I like it when people at a store, restaurant, etc. wear name tags. They might not be the classiest or most stylish addition to a uniform, but they are useful.

I’ve always felt that name tags should:

  • Be clearly visible and not too small. A lot of companies like to do pins with their logo on them, which rarely help)
  • Actually have the person’s name on them. This helps in terms of accountability (good and bad) and simply being polite to the person helping you. It also helps clearly identify that you work at the company and that you’re there to interact with customers.
  • Be classy. Name tags don’t have to be obnoxious, have stickers on them, or anything like that. There are plenty of classy name tags that can be added to even the most formal of uniforms.
  • Actually be worn by all employees. At some companies (especially in retail), name tags are not the not the norm. Again, they might not match with every outfit, but they are help in indicating who actually works at the store versus who is just there and looks like they might work there.
  • Be the same style. When you go to a store or into a restaurant and see one person with the engraved name tag and another with the labeler produced name tag, it looks bad.  Everyone should have the same style name tag.

Name tags are so simple, but are messed up by so many companies. It is just a matter of thinking what looks professional and then keeping that in mind when purchasing and handing out the name tags. They should look professional and they should let customers know who works at the particular company and what they can help the customer with.