Web Host Customer Service

The two most important functions for a web host is to keep the servers running smoothly and provide quality customer service. Like all technolog,y there is always a chance the customer’s web site could go down; it’s how the complete process is handled that ultimately makes the difference. The customer can get over the site being down, but he will not get over being ignored, and response time needs to be immediate.

Being kind is the one of the most important aspects of customer service. If you are a techie and you only like dealing with technology, do your business a favor and hire a “people person.” Even though they might not have the technical skills, people do business with people they like and not always the most experienced. The more technical problems can be handled by a separate department. Try to keep the customer service representatives in the house; in other words do not outsource.  Of course, the company might save labor costs, but it could end up costing the company customers. Training employees with efficient programs, using mentors to help employees handle customer service requests, and learning the culture of the company can provide the tools to keep the customer as the top priority. HostGator, a leading web hosting company based in Houston, tried outsourcing for a year, but language and cultural differences created such a gap that the company felt they were losing their “personal touch.”

Listen to what your customers are telling you. What company doesn’t want free advice? After all you might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars attending seminars on customer service, but listening to what customers have to say might make a difference. Always let the customer finish speaking, and take their suggestions seriously. Never rush a client through a service call; that is the easiest way to send your client packing to one of your competitors. Put yourself in their shoes and give them what you would expect.

Show respect for your customers, and don’t give a customer a reason to leave unhappily. If a customer wants a refund despite everything that you have done to rectify and solve their problem, by all means return their money. It’s not worth the bad publicity. Also make sure that your staff is familiar with new promotions and sales. Increase the staff when needed and anticipate the high volume times so customers don’t have to wait on “hold” or have to wait for “live help.” If the host company deals with international clients, have service representatives who speak foreign languages.

And by all means, show respect by your actions. If a customer leaves a phone message or an email, get back to them quickly. If you can show you appreciate and value your customers, then you are delivering customer service.

photo credit: schoschie