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I recently moved my email hosting over to Webmail.us. Before my move, my email was hosted with my regular web host. No complaints about my web host, but they didn’t specialize in email. A time came a few weeks ago when I decided my email was important enough to warrant the hassles and costs involved with email hosting. I had read and heard a lot about Webmail.us and always kept that in the back of my mind if I ever needed email hosting.  So, when I needed email hosting, I contacted them.

Pre-sales experience.
My pre-sales experiences are usually fairly brief or at the very most, limited. I do my research, actually read the company’s FAQs, and so on. I know what I need and why I need it. I still had some questions about Webmail.us’ services, though. I sent an email to their sales department and heard back fairly quickly. The representative was friendly and answered my questions. We had some back and forth about a special request, which he was able to make happen.

Signup experience.
The signup experience was pretty simple and straight forward. I got a call shortly after my order to confirm it (I assume it was for fraud prevention). I called back and left my name and phone number on the voicemail. I then used their online system to request a call back and heard back shortly. My signup was then processed and I got the welcome emails (three separate emails).

Transition process.
I requested another callback and the representative helped me change my MX records to get my mail to point to Webmail.us. He was pretty helpful and everything worked out. The next day, I asked the sales rep about moving my old email over and he advised me to just move it myself. I asked the tech team about the best way to do it and was given a helpful answer. No real problem moving the email – it probably took less than an hour from start to finish. My email was all migrated (and working) and I was happy.

Technical support.
As usual, I had my initial technical support questions right after signup. Since the third day, I haven’t had to the call or contact the company at all. For the first few days, I think I emailed them several times and called them several times as well. The company uses Fog Creek Copilot, which is a nice application for helping customers remotely. It wasn’t clunky and worked well. Overall, technical support was helpful and got my issues resolved. My only complaint about technical support is that it is all callbacks. You can’t wait on hold or just dial an extension, which I personally don’t like.

Responsive to feedback.
One thing I do not like about Webmail.us is that they add a line below emails you send from their mobile site that says something like “Email sent using Webmail.us Mobile.” On a paid product, this is annoying. So, I told them. They have an ideas site (like Dell’s IdeaStorm, which is like digg), where I posted my idea about removing the advertisement. I also emailed Webmail’s CEO, Pat Matthews, who replied to me within about 15 minutes saying they would most likely give an option to remove it in the next version. Pat and I exchanged some emails, and I was quite impressed with him and his responsiveness.

And they like Service Untitled.
Something that always makes me think a little more of a company is when they say they read my blog. Putting my ego aside, I like to hear that people read a blog about customer service (not necessarily mine – there are other great ones out there (see sidebar)) because it shows they care about learning more about and improving their customer service. Or, at least they care enough to read a blog about it. Pat (the CEO) told me that my original sales rep had passed the URL to my blog around the company and that he had spent some time on my blog the day before.

So far, so good with Webmail.us. I’ve been impressed and like my email hosting. I’m looking forward to it continuing this way and following Webmail.us in the future.

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