When you go above and beyond – flaunt it.

I saw an ad for Rackspace a while back and I’ve included the text below:

Headline: “Luckily, the hurricane didn’t blow us away. But Fanatical Support did.”

Body: “Hurricane Ivan hit our corporate offices in Pensacola, Florida and essentially shut us down. To our surprise, we got a call from Rackspace offering to handle our phone lines, our support requests, even our sales orders. Thanks to them, we were signing up customers as the hurricane was coming ashore. Now, if that’s not fanatical, I don’t know what is.” – Joel Smith, CTO, AppRiver

Going above and beyond to keep customers online is one definition of Fanatical Support. What will yours be?

Watch Joel’s story at www.rackspace.com/fanatical

Now that’s impressive. I have no idea if that actually happened, how much Rackspace charged for it, etc., but it certainly makes for good ad copy. If it went like the ad says, it is definitely going way above and beyond the standard call of duty. Rackspace has a series of similar ads that promote their Fanatical Support offerings and what they mean.

I always advise companies to advertise it when the company as a whole or at least a particular employee goes above and beyond. When I say advertising, it doesn’t have to be buying an ad in Fortune Magazine (like Rackspcae did). In fact, printing out an email or a letter and posting it on the comapny bulletin board often does the trick.

People love to brag about how well they are doing and tell others about how their actions are helping the rest of the planet overcome its problems. Obviously, people exegerate, but if you can provide your employees with “best practices” examples of employees going above and beyond, it helps. Reward the employees (besides recognition – they often like money) that do go above and beyond to add even more encouragement.

I was working with a company the other day and noticed they offered to do something that many companies in their industry wouldn’t. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was beyond the standard call of duty. I suggested they summarize it in a blog post. They agreed and are going to post soon. That’s all it takes. Not a huge deal – just enough to recongize the people involved and show that your company does go above and beyond.

So that is today’s homework. Recall a time (recently) when you went above and beyond the expected call of duty. Then, feature it somewhere. Write a blog post, post the story on the bulletin board, or buy an ad in Fortune Magazine. Just feature it – somewhere!

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