Where Everyone Knows Your Name

A few times every week I have to be in my office early, and on my way to work  I have my favorite local breakfast deli. It’s not a fancy place; one goes up to the counter and places their own order and finds their own table. I pour my own coffee, get my own  orange juice from the display refrigerator,  and when my breakfast order is ready it is delivered to my table. The deli uses  plastic flatware and paper plates, but there isn’t any other breakfast place I would rather be.

It’s truly a personal experience from the moment I walk in. It’s a family business, and everyone greets me. I once told one of the owners, that I enjoy French Vanilla in my coffee rather than milk, and as I pour my coffee, someone is handing me  the French Vanilla. If I don’t have a newspaper with me, within moments there is one at my table, and one of the owners always chats me up with interesting stories. If I am unsure of what I want to eat, the chef comes out and makes suggestions; not all are on the menu either since I am a vegetarian.

It’s an interesting place, and they pay attention to their customers. I love being recognized and I love the personal touch. Some of it is feeling like part of the family, but with no expectations on my part except to savor the joy of excellent customer service. For more on using a customer’s name, check out this post. And if you really want to go above and beyond, consider learning the names of your best customers’ family members.

photo credit: stu_spivack