Why to go above and beyond in customer service?

One of the statistics programs I use on Service Untitled showed that a lot of people were interested in going above and beyond in customer service. I did some research and believe it or not, I had already written about it. Here is how to go above and beyond in customer service. I’ve written quite a bit about the subject, as you can see from the search here.

So, today’s post is about why a company should go above and beyond in customer.

  • It makes customers happy. Customers really appreciate it when it companies go above and beyond for them. They want to deal with companies that consistently go the extra mile and consistently work to make their experiences the best they can be.
  • It makes employees happy. While it may be more work for individual employees, overall, they will be happier. Employees like to deal with happy customers and like to make a positive difference.
  • It makes your company better to work with. Partners and suppliers like to work with companies who make their customers happy. They ideally would like to work with the best of the best.
  • Customers will refer you more. Happy customers will tell their friends. It definitely helps the bottom line.
  • More money for people. If you don’t have to spend as much on marketing, you can spend that on bonuses for employees, internal improvements, discounts for customers, community donations, etc. Everyone involved will appreciate it.
  • Get some publicity. When companies really go above and beyond, people will be more likely to blog about it, tell their journalist friends, or whatever. Your company could even be featured on Service Untitled. Now, that would be cool.
  • Why not? Why shouldn’t you try to make customers happy with great customer service?

Just one of these should be more than enough to convince you to try and go above and beyond. It’ll make your company better and you won’t look back.

Short post, but it is about quality – not quantity, right?