Will customers pay extra for superior customer service?

According to BIGresearch, a Ohio based online market researcher, customers will pay for good service ahead of price if given the chance. Superior customer service attracts and keeps customers, and can actually be the impetus behind a consumer driving farther for a product if the company makes it worth their while.

So how many customer service faux pas’ can you make before a customer drives off to your competition? Think of it as a baseball game – three strikes and you’re out. According to their online survey, 17% will leave you after a single service mess up; 40% will leave you after two blunders and 28% will leave after the third mistake. That adds up to an overwhelming 85% of your business for poor customer service.

Customers want knowledgeable assistance when they want it, and they place a high value on accurate information. Some  of the most annoying comments ever uttered by a sales representative are, “It’s not my job,” or “If we had it, it would be out here on display.” Consumers want to be served by employees who know their product, and in the circumstance when a product is no longer available, the customer representative will have a solution and know where to find the product or one to replace it.

Consumers want to deal with friendly  and courteous people. An “I don’t know” response from a sales person doesn’t instill product knowledge nor does it hint at respect.

As to the price factor, consumers are looking for good value, so if your prices are completely out of the range of reasonable as compared to your competition, great customer service is still not going to motivate people to pay a lot more for the same product, but in the word ” value” is the chance for service. The follow-up and the method you service your customers will make the profound difference. Unhappy consumers don’t want to hear, “we’re doing our best.” They want their problem solved, and they want you to solve it.

Your customers want convenience when they shop, and they want you to make everything organized, attractive and easy to find what they need. No one wants to hear “I’ll have to check if we have it.” The knowledgeable sales representative knows their inventory, knows where everything is located and can immediately direct the customer to the product they are seeking to purchase.

And when it is time for the customer to check out, make sure the check out lines are well-tended and a customer doesn’t have to wait long. How many times have you had to wait what seems like forever to check out the product; you just want to pay for it and leave. Hopefully with the great customer service you just received, you’ll come back!

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