Would your customer service entice me to buy from your organization?

Have you ever walked into a business that genuinely made you smile and didn’t act as if you were obligated to buy something? Most of those businesses are extremely proud of their product or the services they offer; they treat you graciously as if you’re appreciated and seem eager to help you solve your problem. Where much of anyone’s business is based on word of mouth and referrals, it seems especially important these days to create that “WOW” experience which in a nutshell is not just providing value for someone, but pushing beyond the norm and providing more than we might expect.

Online shopping now enables anyone with insomnia to shop during the wee hours of the night, but nothing is more frustrating than when a site crashes or a shopper encounters technical difficulty. What makes the experience unbearable however is the lack of 24 hour/7 day a week online or phone assistance. How soon will it be before a service representative gets back to a customer?  Expectations dictate if your store is always open, someone therefore should be manning the floor. If by some chance an organization doesn’t have those capabilities, then it should be clearly stated on the website what hours a business operates, and how soon a customer can expect a response. If a staff member’s job is to begin his day answering emails, phone messages, and tweets, then make sure the most pressing issues are attended to first. Even more effective and efficient  is to have more than enough service representatives  handling customer support as soon as the “doors open.”

It’s not just enough however to respond to customer complaints promptly; that doesn’t create the “WOW” experience, but it does give a business a chance to build customer loyalty. Customers who complain to you are giving you a chance to get it right or fix the problem. Statistics show that most customers do not complain; instead they tolerate the product or service, but never return and never recommend your business of services to ten other people. So in order to have a plan how to deal with complaints, the staff must be empowered with the proper education, knowledge of how to help people, and to have the ability to make decisions. Unhappy customers want answers and solutions to their problems immediately. They want to be talking to a person with a name and an identity who is able to make a decision whether it be for a replacement part, product, or service. And if a person from a higher management position is needed to make a decision, then all of the information should be forwarded to the decision maker without the customer having to repeat the problem over and over again as the issue climbs the ladder of responsibility.

As we all try to constantly improve our businesses with that “WOW” customer service, the reward of maintaining the competitive edge over our competition keeps us striving to be the best we can be. Let your next survey reflect and ask the most important question to your valuable customers:

“How can we make your next experience with us better?”

2 Responses to “Would your customer service entice me to buy from your organization?”

  1. Eptica Blog said:

    Nov 23, 12 at 11:31 am

    That’s a great point Cheryl – with online businesses open all hours, people are looking for support when many contact centres are shut. One way around this is to make it easy for customers to find answers to their basic questions online – through web self-service, forums and even ‘how to’ videos on your site. Providing these options will cut some of the calls and emails to the contact centre without impacting the WOW experience that you’re trying to deliver. More on the benefits of web self-service in this post from the Eptica blog http://eptica.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/the-growth-of-web-self-service/

  2. nigeriannewspapers said:

    Dec 04, 12 at 10:08 am

    The first step in having a good customer service is to let your customers have an idea on your support limitations. They should know if you are available 247 or not and what means to reach you and when to expect response.

    Knowing these information help them not to be a bit more tolerant and crucify you before you get back to them.

    James Okere