You know what, I can assist you with that.

Every customer has the eternal fear of calling a company and speaking to a representative who knows nothing. The representative is clueless about everything; how the account works, how the company works, who you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and who to go to. It makes you want to pull your hair out and wish there were no moronic idiots in customer service.

But, every now and then you get a representative that you know is good. You can almost immediately tell that he or she knows his stuff and is serious about it. The representative knows who you are, is familiar with the trouble you’re going through, and most importantly, knows how to fix it. And you feel good about what they say and how they do what they do. 

The question is, how do representatives instill this level of confidence in customers? When a customer calls or emails a company and gets a response back, they have no way of telling if John is smarter than Jane or if Betty is smarter than Bob. To the customer, John, Jane, Betty, and Bob are just four customer service representatives who the customer hopes are equally talented and skilled.

Something I have always found to be effective is telling the customer just what they want to hear: that you can help them resolve their problem today. I usually encourage representatives to say something like this after the customer gets finishing explaining his or her issue: I can definitely help you get that issue resolved today.

Even the most cynical customers (i. e. me) feel better when a representative says that statement or something like it. It instills instant confidence. It is infinitely better than “uh” or “okay” or “I’ve never seen that one before.” As a representative, saying you can help and that you’re willing to help will do a world of good for the customer service experience and for the customer.

Try it yourself. Encourage your employees to try it. If it doesn’t work, tell me. I may not believe you, but I promise I will listen.