You’re Closer to Reward Travel Than You Think?

Picture 2I have two frequent flier accounts with Continental Airlines. One is an account that my parents opened for me when I was maybe five or six years old and another is one that I opened myself a few years ago when I started traveling pretty regularly. About two years ago, I found the account my parents had opened for me and transferred all of my frequent flier miles to that account. However, the newer account (which now has no miles) is still open and active. As such, Continental emails me about it.

The screenshot to the left is from an email they sent me yesterday. I haven’t use this frequent flier account since I transferred the miles from it, so it obviously hasn’t accumulated many miles. However, the subject of the email suggests otherwise. The subject was You’re Closer to Reward Travel Than You Think.

To say the least, this was a poorly done email. Continental shouldn’t send emails that are essentially misleading to customers. They know how many miles their customers have and they should know not to send emails saying the customers are close to reward travel when they have no miles.

When you’re emailing (or even sending snail mail to) customers, use the data you have to make the emails more intelligent (this relates to a post I wrote about two years ago). The email Continental sent me should have focused on using my account and getting started to earn reward travel. An email like that would have been a lot more targeted and a lot more useful.