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Coming Soon?

A lot of companies like to say something is coming soon. This is encouraging to many customers and potential customers, but it doesn’t say much. 

When you put a coming soon page, notice, or graphic on your web site, try to be more specific. Include a specific date, a general timeline, or some sort of information in addition to “coming soon.” Customers want to know when to come back and what to expect. If “coming soon” seems like a lifetime to them and you don’t tell them otherwise, they won’t bother to come back.

The best way to get customers to come back is to get them to signup for an email notification of the launch. Use positive wording like “we’ll let you know as soon as this feature launches” and still go a step further by including a general timeline. This way, customers know they aren’t putting their email address into the abyss.

The main idea is simple: give customers more information. If you aren’t ready to publish some sort of timeline or make a commitment to notifying potential or existing customers of a launch, then you shouldn’t even consider putting a coming soon page up.

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