An Etiqutte Follow-up

Remember the guest writer post earlier this month by Jodi R. R. Smith, the author and etiquette consultant? Well, I have a story related to that post that I would like to share.

Jodi and I exchanged a few emails before and after that post. We discussed what type of article would be best to post on Service Untitled, what she does, and a few other things. After the post went up, Jodi asked for my address. After a quick question, I gave her my address and kind of forget that I had given it to her.

A few days ago, I remembered. I got a little package in the mail from Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in Massachusetts. I wasn’t too sure what was in the package, but when I opened it, I found a very nice thank you card and a little gift (a very nice leather portfolio/notepad with a pen). To say the least, I was impressed.

Step back and think about it. Jodi was kind enough to let me use an article she had written on my blog for free. She put up with my questions and probably worse, me for at least 5 or 10 emails. Dealing with me is no easy task and she was patient enough to do so.

To me, that’s plenty! But then she really goes and exceeds all expectations (as she suggests to do in her article) and sends me a personal thank you card and a little gift. For those of you who are curious what a perfect thank you card/note sounds like, here is what she sent:

Thank you so much for mentioning Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in your blog regarding the etiquette of customer service. It is fun to be mentioned in a blog and was enjoyable to read!I so appreciate your including Mannersmith and hope you enjoy the enclosed portfolio.

I hope we have the opportunity for our paths to cross again in the future.

This simply does not happen too often, which is why it surprises me so much when it does happen. Plus, it is a darn good follow-up regardless! Kudos to Jodi – Mannersmith will definitely be the first company I recommend if a client or friend is in need of etiquette advice or consulting services of any type.

Imagine if you did this whenever a member of the media, a customer, etc. wrote or said something positive about your company? You think the customers would appreciate it? I can almost guarantee it.

Thank you cards and similarly effective follow-ups are very powerful things. Plus, despite what people say, getting something in the mail is far more personal than an email message.

Think about what opportunities you have to send a personal follow-up, whether it be a thank you or just a “Can we help you with anything else?”. New signups, upgrades, mentions/recommendations by customers or media, etc. comes to mind.

Once you think of the potential opportunities to send such follows-up, do it! Send the follow-ups, the thank you’s, whatever it takes! Little gifts are nice, but aren’t required. It is certainly the thought (and effort) that counts.

Note: This post provides at least some evidence of why I work in customer service and not as a comedian.

Note #2: I do send people who contribute to my blog as interviewees, guest writers, etc. a thank you email, but will start sending a thank you letter. It definitely makes a difference.

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