Call Backs: Part 2

The previous post promised a post about a good call back system, so here it is. Last night, I had to call T-Mobile. I spoke to someone in their customer care department who got my account information and then told me I had to be connected to someone in their technical support department.

I was transferred and after about 30 seconds or so, the system asked “If you want, T-Mobile can call you back when it is your turn. You won’t lose your place in line and will be called back within 18 minutes.” I selected the option, inputted my telephone number, said my name and that was it.

About 15 minutes later, I was called back. I gave the technical support representative my name, phone number, etc. and we worked on my issue. Happy customer, happy representative.

The difference, however, between the good and the bad is that T-Mobile gave me A) a fairly reasonable wait time and B) an option to wait if I wanted. If T-Mobile didn’t invest in their PBX system, it’d be like Lenovo and literally be an answering machine. The difference is huge.

The level of customer satisfaction between the two systems isn’t even comparable. I was extremely frustrated and annoyed with Lenovo and quite happy with T-Mobile. Now that you’ve seen the difference, Monday’s post will contain information on how to improve (or implement successfully) your call back system.

Have a nice weekend!