Certifying Customer Service Representatives

A lot of companies that have a thorough understanding of customer service have formal processes in place where they certify their customer service representatives in various areas, on various products, and in various subject areas.

The certification usually shows that representatives have passed a test and that they (hopefully) have a certain level of understanding of whatever they were tested on. Once certified, companies will often let the particular customer service representative service and work on that product or area. The more sophisticated companies have a way of tracking where each employee is, what they need to be tested on, and how they have done in the past. The systems let managers quickly determine where their teams are at and where they need to go.

Like many similar processes, the beauty of a system that requires representatives to get certified in different areas is that it formalizes what is usually an informal process. Formalizing the process usually helps to ensure that it will get done and that it will be followed correctly. It sets a standard that everyone can be held to and it helps to deliver a consistent customer service experience. Training is often done in inconsistent ways, but a standardized test at the end ensures that everyone is learning the same material and can perform at the same level.

By taking it a step further and using the tests to ensure that people are competent and certified in different areas, customer service organizations can make the best use of their people, their training teams, and their time.

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