Client Relations vs. Customer Service (and an announcement)

I am sometimes asked what the difference between customer service and clients relations is. They seem to be and are quite similar, but there are some differences.

Here is how I understand it:

Customer service – responding to inquires, questions, comments, etc. from customers about a specific issue or series of issues. There are lots of definitions for it out there (this is an interesting page with a few) – some are specific (like mine) and others are more general (like many of the ones on that page).

Client relations – longer term relations with customers or clients.

See how similar they are? Some companies call their customer service department the client relations department and vice versa. It really just depends on the industry and how the company looks at it.

Ideally, your company should do both. Individual actions and service builds up long term relationships with customers. These longterm relationships with customers/clients create more repeat sales and referrals.

How does your company define customer service? How does it define client relations?

The Service Untitled Announcement:
The announcement for Service Untitled today is that it is opening a job board/small job site that is made especially for customer-centric companies and employees seeking jobs at such companies in the near future.

Service Untitled will be working with other customer service bloggers and sites to promote the site. If you are interested in posting a job ad for your company, please email us. The introductory rate is $20 for a job ad that will show up for a month. The rate after launch will be $30 for a one month ad.

Short post today. If you have any topics you would like to see covered here on Service Untitled, please do provide your suggestions!