Employee hiring key to customer retention

Customer retention is the relationship you have and how you manage and maintain that relationship. That  first physical meeting or the initial seconds on the phone imprint a customer’s  impression. The best employees will be liked by the consumer in those first few moments because if they dislike you, chances are customers  will withdraw, feel antagonistic or feel challenged and move on to your competition. Employee hiring is an important key to customer retention.

Customer service techniques can be taught, but talent and attitude figure into the equation.  Managers can role play to show customer representatives how to establish rapport, establish rapport suitable phrases, coach  sympathetic styles and empathy, but important performance leadership qualities and loyalty features are essential traits when searching for the perfect candidate. So how do you know if  those employees working for you  have a passion for the customer and can add value to your company? Of course, there are no definitive questions and answers, but the following questions might instill some thoughtful conversation:

  • Do you like being a customer representative?
  • Does your position give you a sense of accomplishment?
  • Do you take pride when you tell someone you work for this company?
  • How do you feel about the future of this company?
  • How do you feel about the amount of work you do compared with your salary?
  • What do you think of the physical conditions of your work place?
  • Does your company try to accommodate individual employees needing special requests? ( For instance, day care, food service when working overtime)
  • How does the way you are treated influence your attitude about your job?
  • As the company changes, do you see it as good or bad?
  • Do you understand your company’s business strategy and how the objectives will work for you in your job?
  • How do you see yourself in the company when you are ready to retire? Do you think you will still be at this company?

Employees who are vested in companies, employees who feel as if they are appreciated and employees who take pride in their jobs instill that sense of trust.  Instead of trying to persuade, their allegiance is to a company where they are part of the business strategy, and see themselves progressing as the company progresses, adapt to a company’s goal of ” let’s look at this together,” and “let’s see what the options are.” Employees who are rewarded with  positive changes are the individuals who identify approaches and stay “with” the customer.

photo credit: USACE Europe District