Engineer a customer-centric organization

Weekend: Afton, VACustomers make their decisions based on their emotions and how they are feeling at a certain time. We want our customers to feel more comfortable spending, and we want those same people to feel so enthusiastic about our services or products, they actively endorse us and recruit new customers and clients. When we create this customer-centric organization, we have more than just brand loyalty; we have then generated a fully engaged customer who will help us reach the pinnacles leading to success.

Customer Engagement Management (CEM) helps to increase customer engagement by practical steps. It works best when used with Employee Engagement Management (EEM) which helps to create a company culture that employees feel passionate about and are enthusiastically involved with helping the company become a success.

To focus on CEM, we must work on solutions before problems even arise. You want to hear the good as well as the bad; there are valuable lessons to be learned from the negative feedback. When you identify specific focus areas, you need to contact customers after their experience with that particular area and get their feedback. You will see the trends in that particular area and will be able to view the product or service from the customer’s eyes. Be ready to make changes, and be ready to provide feedback to the participating customers. Finally, make sure the daily business runs smoothly so there is time to deliver outstanding customer service. Those very happy customers are the ones who will promote your company and encourage others to come aboard.

The second part of  the successful customer-centric organization is of course the EEM. When an employee is genuinely interested and happy, customers recognize the positive attitudes and sincere service. The management team that works regularly with their best employees to help them build quality relationships with worthwhile customers encourages employees to make independent decisions and focus on the success of the company. It’s important for the management team to act as role models in order to attract the most talented staff who can deliver exemplary services and goods to customers at decreasing costs to the organization.

There are no standard solutions for everyone; all organizations have their own special culture that make them different, but happy customers promote more happy customers, and that is what leads us to success.

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One Response to “Engineer a customer-centric organization”

  1. Shyam Kumar said:

    Jul 16, 10 at 5:06 am

    Spot on!

    Improving customer experience and increasing customer loyalty using occasional new processes, or enthusiasm drives, ‘customer days’ cannot be truly effective and is definitely not sustainable.

    Building a customer-centric organization need not be an ‘art’ or about a few inspired employees. It can be engineered by building on a foundation of whole-organization education and cross-functional alignment.

    Here’s a great video on how to build and sustain a superior service culture