FAQ Question – What to do?

It’s a common fact of customer service – customers don’t always read the FAQs. Customer service representatives get mad when they don’t. My advice: get over it. I’ve run into experiences where representatives will literally scold me for not reading all of their FAQs.

Something along the lines of “Your question can be answered in our FAQ. Please read them and be sure to read them before asking us.” This is completely unacceptable. A step above that is sending the customer a link to the particular FAQ. Not as bad as saying “reading the FAQs”, but not proper etiquette. So what should customer service representatives do? It’s called seamless service.

Seamless service for when a customer asks a question in the FAQ would be not to say a word. Simply answer the question like you normally would and move on. The representative can just copy and paste the answer, add the customer’s name, and click send. It’s really that easy.

So if I send a question asking how many days the money back guarantee is for (which is stated in the FAQ), the representatives should say:

Hi -name-,

Thanks for contacting -company-. Our money back guarantee lasts for 30 days. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.


When you answer the question (without being rude to the customer) everyone is happy and the customer will be happy that he or she received a response (that was hopefully helpful). Customer should never have to do homework and find an answer (especially if they ask you).

Remember, seamless service. More about that in the next few weeks.