Follow-up if you say you will.

While false promises in general really frustrate me, I am going to focus on companies and people who say they will follow up, but don’t. (I sure have been ranting this week!) This happens a lot in customer service and it frustrates customers, other employees, and some management members to no end. 

Companies will promise the customer they will follow up, but don’t. Management members will promise the employee they will follow up, but don’t. It’s just what a lot of people seem to do (or rather, don’t do).

Here are some tips:

  • Follow-up when you say you will. If you tell a customer, an employee, or anyone that you are going to follow up, do it.
  • Set a reminder. If you use a calendar, set a reminder. Make your ticket system remind you. Have the calendar remind you until you until you follow up.
  • Make someone the follow-up police. Make someone in charge of following up. Every week make someone the follow-up police who is in charge of bugging people to follow-up.

Your follow ups should remind the person about what you are following up about as well as the actual content. You should also introduce who you are again and what the status was before. It makes it much easier for the person who is getting contacted.

If someone asks you to follow up with them, add it to the calendar and do so. It doesn’t matter if they ask you to follow up two years from then, it can’t hurt. If they keep asking you to follow up, keep doing so. The persistence is important and if they are asking you to, do so. You may even get business from it.

However, the most important part (by a lot) is simply to follow up when you say will.  Now, go look at your calendar and see who you should follow up with.

One Response to “Follow-up if you say you will.”

  1. Lee Griffin said:

    Mar 12, 07 at 6:49 am

    This is the precise reason I developed my follow up software. I realized that I was providing poor customer service. Do you mind if I copy this post to send to my customers?