How SEO can help customer service

When you have a new online business, how others see you or even find you are of vital importance. When few internet users know who you are, the most popular way to get noticed is using Search Engine Optimization which should ultimately lead to a bigger market share of either the business or service you are offering. It is a most effective way to establish online branding, build trust, respect and encourage others to visit your site.

Now if you have been in business for a while, SEO can help set you apart from your competition. Most of us already realize when companies offer nearly the same product or service, what others think about your customer service is apt to set one company apart from another. Using a SEO campaign to measure customer satisfaction can help a company to figure out likes, dislikes, suggestions to improve, or even what customers would like from a business or service as yours in the future.

SEO can help to communicate with a target audience through social networking. You can ask questions relevant to your business practices and interact with clients and customers. Many companies now use blogs to encourage others to supply feedback, comments, thoughts or opinions.

Companies often use customer surveys on their websites. If you decide to go that route however, it is imperative to have a high quality, well-written (no spelling errors please) and well-organized survey. Make sure you have honed in on the information you want to gain from the survey. If the survey is too broad in nature, nothing much will be accomplished.

Customer surveys should be short and simple. You don’t want to distract a customer from shopping or learning about your service while visiting your website, but you do want the simple and short questions answered. Don’t make the survey too loud, but keep it attractive, concise and did I already say pertinent? Keep it friendly, but don’t be too forward and never ask questions that you would not answer yourself.

Offering rewards, discounts, coupons or prizes encourage customers and potential customers to visit your website. New customers answer questions, and you can find more information about your competition and what makes customers loyal to someone else. Just remember the basic rule of a customer survey; it should be designed to help you affect positive changes. When you tally up the results, make sure you tally up your improvements.

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